Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Woman’s ‘Vodka Turns Brown’ Video Goes Viral

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A certain video went viral when a woman’s vodka hit the ground after she fell out of her chair — and the vodka turned brown.


In a Facebook post from Ridiculousness, a video showed that a woman fell out of her chair and her vodka hit the ground. Knowing that the vodka may look like water if you look at its appearance, yet in this video, a woman’s vodka suddenly turned brown.


The said post went hundreds of shares and hundreds of comments as of this writing. Here are some of the comments:


Reflecting the wet surface. Only looks brown because that’s how the mind processes it,” a netizen wrote in the comments.


Ni gandal el gris se atreve a hacer tan vil asaña mágica, pasa el café a la botella y el vodka al vaso,” another netizen wrote in the comments. (Translate: Not even the gray dares to make such a vile magic handle, pass the coffee to the bottle and the vodka to the glass.


Look carefully it looks like she’s also holding a miniature,” another netizen wrote in the comments.


That is the very rare chicken **** based vodka! Once it mixes with oxygen, it becomes its natural color!” another netizen wrote in the comments.


That’s what the wet footage looks like in this case when the liquid came in contact with the concrete,” another netizen wrote in the comments.

The said post reached more than 112,000 views and thousands of reactions as of this writing. Most of the netizens reacted Haha on the said post.

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