Foreign Tourist Says Her Vacation To The Philippines Is The ‘Worst Vacation’ Ever

A foreign tourist from the United Kingdom expressed her emotions in her video blog the experiences she had during her stay in the country calling it the worst vacation ever.

YouTuber Elayne Peddy posted a video sharing what happened to her during her visit at one of the Philippines’ most beautiful places, El Nido, Palawan for four days.

Peddy said on her video that her experience in the Philippines “isn’t that great and is really weird.”

It was literally the worst four days of my whole life.

She admitted that the Philippines is really a beautiful country because of its scenery, the blue, clear waters – a paradise.

But, Elayne in tears, said on her video that the locals have called her “fat ugly monkey”, “big fat girl” and some other bad names.

Here’s Elayne’s video.


The foreigner also said that people had been pointing on her and laughing as well. Peddy added that a woman even grabbed her tummy and said, “fat, fat.” There is also an incident where she has been asked by a local driver to pay twice the price of the fare because of her size.

“When a whole group of people turn, laugh and point at me, my confidence disintegrated into pieces,” Elayne said.

The tourist also said that she felt like she was bullied during the four days of her stay at El Nido and this made her to just stay inside the hotel room where she’s in. She said that her trips to Manila and Cebu seemed to be fine but not in El Nido.

Filipinos are known to the world for being very hospitable. But, incidents like this can really degrade the honor and the name of the whole race. May this be a call for all Filipinos to be responsible and to know respect for everybody.

What can you say about this incident?

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Sources: WhenInManila, YouTube

16 thoughts on “Foreign Tourist Says Her Vacation To The Philippines Is The ‘Worst Vacation’ Ever”

  1. I would like to say sorry for what happened to you and what you’ve experienced. There are really some people who are so ignorant and disrespectful and among them unfortunately, and sad to say, are my fellowmen. Please don’t judge the whole country with just one bad incidence, we are, as most of the tourists who’d been here, hospitable, kind and generous. I know majority of the local people in Palawan was sad and angry and they will correct those people who hurt you. Thank you for visiting our country. We hope you will not be totally disappointed.

  2. Sorry for that Mam,,,ignorant Filipinos,,,,,but not all are like them……………………………………………

  3. Sorry for that, but i could only say you don’t have to say people in Phils. are so mean to you because were millions ?✌️ And as on my opinion everywhere there’s such a kind of people we’ve encountered , simply as ignorant and naive people shout out quick what they’re really see not even thinking if its may hurts and there kind of people are well educate who choose to put in their head what they’re really see but i will assure you what you really experience is just only half of that when you can really read the mind of the people around you ! ? But girl remember we wont get hurt if we really know to truly our self …

  4. Sad to hear the story of your stay in the Phil.when you seemed to have been bullied by some local residents in El Nido, Palawan. Some people are really uneducated and uncultured giving irresponsible comments and personal criticism without due respect to people of different race & culture. They might not have been provided education on respect and supposedly responsible dealings with foreign culture. I am not sure if these people who gave unpleasant comments and names against you have gone to school. They might have been mountainers who live with monkeys in seclusion, in the jungles. I never knew there are these type of Filipinos, supposedly “hospitable” and caring would manifest that kind of irresponsibility and misbehavior. I hope they will be condemned for that manner, by those authorities concerned. I hope Tourist place or areas like that in this country would be populated by trained inhabitants to know how to respect others, and learn how to welcome people of all types of culture. Come on! Wake up and give training to your residents, those concerned authorities and elders in that place. Sorry Ma’am for that. You deserve the apology. How I wish you can come back and be with me here. How I wish you would not have a “permanent phobia” to resolve never to step on Phil. soil again. I’m so sorry Ma’am.

  5. I know that you must be deeply hurt with what happened at El Nido. Sorry for the pain they caused you because of their harsh and foolish comments. I was born and raised in Palawan and i am sad because of their behavior.

  6. Sorry for that. can I ask what kind of group tease you i think they are all children, that they see you as not regular tourist because you are different. They do not know that racism is a bad joke and a criminal offense in your country.

  7. In behalf of the good people of el nido i would like to say sorry for that very bad experience. Please dont think that all of us are like those people you encountered. We, generally, are getting more used to foreigners of different skin colors but there are these tiny fraction who are still “uneducated”. You should have reported this incident to the local tourism office, however.

  8. This unfortunate incident could happen anywhere…but I felt so disappointed that my countrymen were the culprit of such indecent behavior..
    “Maam, Please forgive them, for they do not know what they did..”
    And to my countrymen who treated the tourist with uneducated acts of indecency..”Please repent!”..
    Let this be a reminder, ‘All the bad and good things we do to our dear brothers will always bounced back to ourselves’…Moral Justice will come soon enough..

  9. I am very sorry for what you have gone through. Obviously the people you have encountered that said rude things towards you are ignorant and heartless. I totally understand if you would not want to go back to the Philippines again. But I just want to say that not all Filipinos are like them. Please know in your heart that you are beautiful no matter what. Don’t let other people put you down. Cheer up and be happy because you are beautiful!

  10. I apologize for the sad experience you had in my country. i feel bad about it. That should not have happened. Not all of us are like that. you should have reported to your trip companion. those people should be slapped a hundred times. am sorry, my heartfelt apologies.

  11. The only reason I can think of why this happened is most of the people in that provincial island are uneducated so many people who live there are ignorant and naive. Furthermore, most Filipinos who live in rural areas have no filters. Whatever they are thinking will come out of their mouths. These people do not know the meaning of political correctness. Whatever they said to you, take it with a grain of salt because they don’t know any better. Yes, there is internet but it’s wrong to assume these people have access to the internet and know where England is or what English people look like. I bet most of them have not even left that island much more know where England is. I can also bet these people think all caucasians are Americans and all black people are Africans. Unfortunately, that’s a fact with Filipinos who live in rural areas where most of them do not even own a television. Again, they don’t know any better. What would have been great was for you to educate them. You should have told them that what they were doing to you was wrong and rude and they could have learned from you. Consequently, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself in the cities like Manila and Cebu where people are more civilized and most are educated. Hopefully, you see the big contrast and take your experience as a learning experience and not something that will discourage you to travel to other “uncivilized” locations.

  12. I’ve been pushed away in the bus in New Zealand and shouted at me coz i’m colored. Everywhere there will be racist and unhappy people who think they are better than you are. They have not travelled far enough to experience other cultures, know people, lived with others, were not aware of differences but only differences in their hearts. You are a beautiful person after watching your video pouring your heart out. I can feel that. You are lovely and cheerful i supposed. Your life and beauty should not stop there because of that incident. We cannot control people’s prejudice and perceptions, but we can control how we react and see the world in another way. When I am in another country, some people there are unmindful of my existence and some i know and can feel with their reactions and nuances that they were discriminating my color and origin. What can i do. This is me. I will not die if you don’t like me. There’s nothing wrong with you. Perhaps its because its your first time to be bullied and discriminated. There will always be a first time. Next time it happened again, tell them, shout at them and say, “i may be fat and ugly; but your heart is more ugly and unloving, and that is more shameful”

  13. Sorry that you had a bad experience while in our country. I can relate to this, I’m a Filipino who got married to a English guy when we bought our 1st home in Ashford, Middx. near Heathrow Airport, whenever we went for a night out or in a restaurant you can see everybody’s head turning towards me and watching my every move. One winter night coming home from work, faced with 45min walk, I decided to get a cab in nearby cab office by the station, as soon as I walk in everybody there stopped what they were doing and just stared not just looked at me being a confident person I just ignore them and walked to the dispatcher who rather abruptly asked, What do you want! I answered but was told no one is available though the office was rather crowded, drivers with ID playing pool, watching tv, having tea or a smoke etc. yet no one can drive me home. Suffice to sayI never ever call a local cab. Our cars often vandalised ( just ours), in our surgery I had consultation with my GP in the waiting room, though I fore warned them that time due to my mobility problem due to RA I can’t go up stairs hence the alternative place for consultations and to be told by my GP when I asked for a stronger pain killer, he lifted his knee and swung it saying pains and quicky swollen joints are normal and due to normal wear and tear of everyday life and paracetamol over the counter would be enough. Every time my husband and I go away either in the airport or by Eurostar immigration I am the only one being stopped in our group for being the only odd one out. So, unfortunately disrespectful and ignorant people is everywhere, and it is up to us how we define ourselves or to be affected by them.

  14. I experienced some kind of racist scenario from my own country.I am mixed black african american and filipino,Born and raised in philippines.I actually speaking tagalog language I assume people in the philippines would never thought i;m filipino until i talked the filipino language..As i grown up i been bullied everyday in my entire living in the philippines.I am currently living in the United states and have two kids.So last year i went vacation to philippines with my two kids.I brought my kids at the mall together with my mom and my two filipino siblings. As we walk in at MALL OF ASIA,while pushing the stroller my kids on it.This two lady guards are whispering loudly because i can hear them.And said the words..ANG PANGIT NG MGA BATA,KAYA AYAW KO MAGKA ANAK SA ITIM english..this kids are ugly and i dont want to have kids with black.. I swear my life at that moment i felt like i wanted a world war 3. my heart was pumping..As i wanted to turn back m y mom stopped me because i wanted to turn back to those two lady guards..I was really really hurt as a mother hearing people bullied your kids and your own fellow people..I wouldnt mind if they were talking about me because i used to it and grown up being bullied.But to my kids it’s a different story..I used to be very proud of me bEING filipino,But sometimes i am a shame for so many reasons and racist is one of them..


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