WVSU Ilongga Graduate Poses in Uniform at Eiffel Tower

A photo of an Ilongga woman wearing the uniform of the College of Business and Management of West Visayas State University (WVSU) in front of the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris has garnered numerous reactions. The photo, posted by Nicka Charm Rasonable, a WVSU alumna, on social media, had the caption, “ang hina niyo naman mag cutting 😪🗼” (“you guys are so bad at cutting classes 😪🗼”), sparking joyful and insightful online discussions.

West Visayas State University in Paris

According to a report by Forum-Dimensions, the official student publication of WVSU, Rasonable clarified that her post was not meant to promote “cutting classes.” She emphasized that her message was for everyone to see that she was once just an ordinary student. Through her sacrifices and hard work in her studies, she achieved her dream of visiting places abroad, like Paris, France.

In the same report, Reasonable also stated that she wanted to demonstrate how far a WVSU graduate can go due to the excellent quality of education provided by the university. She shared that her experience as a student at WVSU taught her resilience and determination to work hard for her dreams.

“Wearing my uniform in front of the Eiffel Tower is a symbol of all the hard work and sacrifices I made to reach my dream,” Rasonable said. “I just want to show my fellow Ilonggos that anything is possible with determination and education.”

Amid the praise from many netizens, Rasonable’s post continues to inspire young people to study hard and work diligently for their dreams. Her ability to visit Paris as an Ilongga graduate of WVSU is proof that the quality of education in our country can create global opportunities for the youth.

Rasonable’s message strengthens the pride of Ilonggos and showcases the ability of Filipinos to succeed anywhere in the world, using the knowledge gained from their beloved school. The inspiration brought by her post provides hope and encouragement to many who aspire to achieve their life goals.

For everyone who sees the photo, Rasonable’s intention is clear: dreams can come true as long as you work hard and study well, and never forget the homes and schools that taught us.

Her story resonates with many who understand the value of perseverance and education. It serves as a powerful reminder that with determination, one can transcend their beginnings and achieve greatness. The positive reactions to her post reflect a shared sense of pride and the universal truth that hard work pays off, no matter where you start.

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