Universe Is Expanding Faster Than Expected

Universe Is Expanding Faster Than What Is Expected, According To Astronomers Universe is expanding faster than what astronomers could ever imagine, that also makes the Theory of Relativity slightly wrong. An amazing discovery astronomers just found out: the universe is expanding faster, having 5 to 9 per cent faster than predicted, According to the European Space … Read more

Flash Floods Hit France, Germany

Flash Floods Greatly Affected France And Germany Flash floods in Germany and France took away four people’s lives, June 2, Thursday. Water levels reached as high as human’s waist during the flash flood, greatly affecting the countries France and Germany. Heavy rains were present for the whole day and flooded many parts of Germany, France, … Read more

6.5 Magnitude Quake Hits Sumatra

6.5 Magnitude Quake Hits Sumatra 6.5 Magnitude Quake Hits Indonesia, in the Island of Sumatra low casualties and damage, though. Thursday morning, people panicked and running out of their homes when the 6.5 magnitude quake struck the Island of Sumatra. Fortunately, no reports of injuries and casualties happened, according to reports. U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), … Read more

Unbelievable Philippine History Facts

Unbelievable Philippine History Facts Unbelievable Philippine history facts are one of he most interesting things one could know – more interesting than showbiz, though.  Unbelievable Philippine history facts and trivia are some of the ways to explore and appreciate our country more, and more. So Here I present some of the most interesting and unbelievable … Read more

World’s Saddest Elephant On Earth

World's Saddest Elephant

World’s Saddest Elephant – Hanako World’s saddest elephant, Hanako, d1es at age sixty-nine. Hanako lived in a sad life, inside an enclosed space at Inokashira Park Zoo, like a pris0ner. No grass nor trees she experienced for many, many years. One thing made her life different when one visitor on the zoo made an appeal … Read more

Duchess Kate Wears Green Coat Dress

Duchess Kate

Duchess Kate Wear Green Coat Dress Amazingly Duchess Kate of England, wears a simple yet stunning coat dress in green during her first visit to Chelsea Flower Show While many expected that the Duchess will wear something floral for the flower show, she made a wonderful entrance as she wore a plain grass-green coat dress. … Read more

Sunni Imam Calls For World Peace

Sunni Imam

Sunni Imam Visited The Vatican And The Pope Sunni Imam, visited the Vatican and spoke to Pope Francis, and calls for end of t3rrorism. Monday, May 24th, a historic meeting between top Sunni Imam and Pope Francis took place in the Vatican. Grand Imam of Al Azhar of Egypt, appeals to the whole world, to … Read more

Fr. Chase Hilgenbrinck Reunited With Fans Through The Eucharist

Fr. Chase Hilgenbrinck

Fr. Chase Hilgenbrinck Reunites With Fans In Chile During Mass Fr. Chase Hilgenbrinck, the inspirational soccer player-turned-priest reunited with fans in Chile. A Mass celebrated in Santiago, Chile made fans happy after being reunited with the former soccer player star-turned-priest, who was the one celebrating the Mass in the Chapel. Born in Illinois, the American … Read more

6 Celebrities Forced To Star In Movies

6 Celebrities Forced

6 Celebrities Who Were Forced To Star In Movies 6 Celebrities forced, and pressured to star by directors and head in every film. They got no choice, and let’s take a look now. They may be very busy and in-demand actors now, but sometimes, they are pushed to do some roles they aren’t interested to, and … Read more

EU Countries Call For Data Flow Barriers

EU Countries

  EU Countries Call For Data Flow Barriers EU Countries request for the removal of data flow barriers, in order to benefit new kind of technologies from the outside of 28 nation bl0c. EU Countries of Britain, Sweden, Poland, and Finland persuades Brussels to cut-off the barrier in order to benefit and provide well data-driven technologies … Read more