EU Countries Call For Data Flow Barriers


EU Countries Call For Data Flow Barriers

EU Countries request for the removal of data flow barriers, in order to benefit new kind of technologies from the outside of 28 nation bl0c.

EU Countries of Britain, Sweden, Poland, and Finland persuades Brussels to cut-off the barrier in order to benefit and provide well data-driven technologies for internet websites such as Facebook and Amazon.

EU Countries

Minister from countries Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Britain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Ireland, Lithuania and Poland wrote: “It is vital for European competitiveness to take a positive approach to new advancements in digital technologies and business models.”

“Europe can benefit significantly from new data-driven technologies if the right future-proof regulatory framework is established.”

There is a plan to remove the barriers in the online universe, which is called ‘Digital Single Market’ strategy, which was revealed by the Commission, to provide European countries a better way of business and opportunities with the U.S.’s big tech companies.

It will be presenting the results of its request regarding the websites, this Wednesday.

Andrus Ansip, Commission Vice President , has made a single regulation with all online platforms.

It will probably be discussing possible problems, like copy right issues and telecoms, to probe about the terms of use, like the Android of Google and IoS of Apple Inc.

Ansip said: “It’s extremely important to allow free data flows across the EU and we know that in some member states there are ideas to localize data inside of those beautiful countries. They are very popular but it’s a dead end,” during the European Parliament last April.

The European Union is expected to provide and present a proposal regarding the free coverage of data flows across the 28-bloc nation, most especially in the countries of France and Germany.

They also call for higher internet speed connections, where they are already behind Japan and the United States.

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