Know – What Will Happen After Calling The Hotline Number 8888

Manila, Philippines – The hotline number 8888 was launch on August 1, 2016. The hotline is set to be receiving any concerns of the citizens. According to the Assistant Commissioner Ariel Ronquillo of Civil Service Commission, the 8888 is now the national hotline and now is ready to accept services from agency to the government. … Read more

Breathtaking Views That Will Make You Say Earth Isn’t That Bad After All

Do you ever feel like escaping this planet and find it boring of staying and living here? These breathtaking views that will make you say earth isn’t that bad after all. These creations of nature and awesome architectural structures will make you love the earth you live.  Even the unexpected things can give amusement and … Read more

Watch – Man Caught Cheating And Got Busted On His Own Wedding

This woman found out that her boyfriend for one year has been cheating on her. Her boyfriend named Michael (not his real name, because he give her a wrong name) has been meeting random girls and also happens to be married to another girl. The woman caught her boyfriend and confronted on his own wedding. A … Read more

Duterte: Go Ahead, Criticize Me. I Am Just Your Worker

Duterte said that he has no resentment towards media and he can take criticism as long as it corresponds with the truth. Manila, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte said that he has no resentment towards media and he can take criticism as long as it corresponds with the truth. “Go ahead, criticize me. I’m just … Read more

I Do Not Consider Suppressing Helpless People – Duterte

Duterte said that he will not going to consider any suppression of helpless people despite of any participation of illegal activities. Manila, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte stressed that he is not considering suppressing helpless people despite of any participation of illegal activities. “It is true that there could be annihilation… (On case) where the victims … Read more

Critics Warned Duterte On Shifting Government Into Federalism

Manila, Philippines – A critic warned President Rodrigo Duterte on his plan of shifting the form of government into federalism. On Wednesday, August 3, 2016, a farmer of the 1987 Constitution said that it is better for the president to think twice before changing the form of the government here in the country. Atty. Christian … Read more

You Won’t Believe The Scenic Interior View Of This Old Fashion House

A 96-year-old woman from Toronto wanted to sell her house and placed it in the market last year. But buyers with a little interest didn’t know what kind of surprise was waiting for them on the inside. At the first look, the house seems to be unattractive from the outside from the people who are … Read more

12 Steps That Might Lead To A Successful Lifetime Relationship

Successful relationships sometimes are not just being together for a lifetime. Because lifetime cannot be achieved without the both of you giving each other effort for your relationship to work. Sometimes sacrifices must be done to make the relationship intact and talking to each other is very important. Communication is not just through words or … Read more

Flight Plan 2028 : Acquired Additional Helicopters For Operation

Manila, Philippines – Additional attack helicopters will be acquired by the Philippine Air Force to buff up the squadron of the PAF and upgrade the force into long term, one of the PAF officials said on Tuesday. The project of attack helicopters is just one of the continuing program of the government to able to … Read more

China’s Forces – Fear Nothing, But Will Definitely Cherish Peace

Beijing, China – The Chinese military is “destined not to fear war, but will definitely cherish peace.” China’s Defense Minister Chang Wanquan said. Amid the tensions over its maritime territorial claims, China has stressed that they will defend its sovereignty on the claims of the islands in the South China Sea. Chang cited that they will defend firmly the … Read more