Emergency Hotline 911 and 8888 – Public Urge: No Prank Calls

Manila, Philippines – Philstar posted that the Davao’s emergency response hotline 911 have been launched nationwide on Monday, August 01, 2016 as a part of the administration’s measure to fight crime and corruption. The telephone number 911 will be receiving for national emergency and 8888 for the citizen complaints call. It is accessible to all … Read more

‘Way Of Provoking A Clash With The United States’ – China

Beijing, China – “Way of provoking a clash with the United States,” ABS-CBN said on the report posted on their official website that China’s leadership is resisting pressure from elements within the military  for a more forceful response to the ruling of the international court against the claims of Beijing in the islands of the … Read more

Sinkhole Occur At South Cotabato : Over 140 Families Evacuate

South Cotabato –  According to the report posted by ABS-CBN on their official website, there are almost 140 families have evacuated in Polomolok, South Cotabato last Friday night, July 29, 2016 because of the danger that might bring by a large scale sinkhole that appeared in the area. It is reported that the sinkhole is … Read more

If Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder – Why Makeup: Watch Video

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they said. Almost of the girls in this post-modern generation are fond of putting makeups just to make themselves appealing to others. Makeups are composed of different chemicals. But do you know what exactly is in your makeups? Or should we trust this companies who sell this … Read more

Pimple: Is There Any Cure For It? How Can I Avoid Having It? – Watch Video

Is there any cure for pimple? Many youths are experiencing the struggle against pimple especially in the stage of adolescent. It is normal to have pimple on this stage but sometimes it can affect our self-esteem, so others are using facial products to avoid having it. But it is not because there are many products … Read more

Sitting Too Much Can Increase The Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes And More

Sitting for almost 24 hours can lose insulin to our body for up to 40 percent which increases the risk to have a type 2 diabetes. Try to calculate it by the number of hours you are sitting and it will make you realize that you really need to change your lifestyle in order to … Read more

Duterte: It is Not Correct To Get Fight Against China

Manila, Philippines – President Duterte defended the criticism of the governments’ war against illegal drugs that the only target of its crackdown is the poor and low profile drug dealers. “Where is the big fish? Gusto mo? Punta ka ng China. Doon hanapin ninyo (Go to China, look for them there if you want them),” … Read more

Language: What Does Your Accent Tells About You


The world has many languages, an even the same language have a different accent. English is known as the universal language that can speak everywhere where anybody can understand. But speaking of accent, many English speaking countries have different accent and pronunciation when it comes to speaking. Just like for example, one of your British … Read more

“Gotta Shrink’em All” – Science Explanation On How Pokeballs Works


How Pokeballs do really works? Many Pokemon fans are confused on how the Pokeballs stores Pokemon considering it size is almost ten times smaller than the monsters. You can see questions raising everywhere and answered in an unsatisfying way. Some say that it sends the Pokemon in other dimension but it lacks a specific and … Read more

Statistical Data Of Pokemon: Choose The Right Pokemon – Watch Video

Pokemon 1

The Statistical Data of Pokemon is very important to know in playing the game. But it does not end there. Pokemon doesn’t stay on their form just like staying for a form of a stone forever (you know “some” of them look sick and lame in that kind of form). But there are advantages and … Read more