Steinfeld Sojourns in Ph

Hailee Steinfeld Visited Philippines Hailee Steinfeld, the multi-awarded Hollywood actress and singer, was very passionate to have visited the Philippines, April 8. Being greatly empowered by her Filipino roots, she shared that she always wanted to visit the country. In an interview on “Tonight with Boy Abunda”, she shared how she felt incredible to be … Read more

Alex Medina Pushing For A Peculiar Role

Alex Medina Admitted Being Anxious About Echorsis On The Wide Screen Like every actor’s usual feeling when his movie is about to be played on the wild screen, Alex Medina is anxious about what Echorsis will do in the box office on its primary week of showing. “Hindi ko kasi alam i-e-expect ko kasi first … Read more

Julio Diaz: Urgent Call For Brain Surgery

Julio Diaz Urgently Needs A Brain Surgery. Julio Diaz’s sister, Ana Marie Datuin, announced on social media the need of the veteran actor for financial assistance to respond to an urgent call for a brain surgery. April 8, suffering from an immense headache, the 57-year-old actor was brought to a hospital. A CT scan of … Read more

Panda Reproduction Calls for Special Deals

To Prohibit The Pulling Down Of The Panda Race, Its Reproduction Comes With Special Deals. Do you also find that black and white bear cute like you wanted to find one? The heavy side is that the race of Panda bear are already going down in number and it’s rare to have one. In the … Read more