Maine Admits That Alden Is Different When They Were Together


Once again, Maine Mendoza and Alden Richard made the Aldub nation happy when they had celebrated their 38th Weeksary ended on April 7, Thursday. They brought halo-halo to the hosts of kalyeserye Vic Soto, Allan K, and Ryan Agoncillo after they had finish consuming their halo-halo outside Broadway area.

The two main characters had never failed to make ther fans feel this “kilig feeling” when they thought that the event will be held again outside the studio where it happened way back Wednesday when Maine Mendoza challenged him a one-on-one basket. Alden realizes that Maine knows how to play well which made him think at first that Main is a fragile girl but rather a sporty type.


While on the game, instead of playing a one-on-one, it seems that the two main character had shared sweet heart moments flashing back the memorable time where the two first met in their Kalyeserye on July 16, 2015.

Alden Richard also reveals his true emotion towards Maine Mendoza that he also has a crush on her because he thought that she is different from any kind. He even offered her a box of sweets only to find out that stuff came from him which Maine Mendoza presently confirmed.

Almost 38 weeks, according to Maine Mendoza, what she treasure most is when they only get a short glance to each other. Yet until now, Maine Mendoza is returning all over again the episodes where both of them haven’t met each other. While Alden that time had already a desire to touch Maine Mendoza but never had given a chance.

The two admits that they treasure each moment when they were together without the camera or when someone who follows them.

“Iba po si Alden kapag kaming dalawa lang ang magkasama,” said Maine
“Nai-express namin ang sarili namin.”

Therefore, the fans concluded that both had already a relationship which was seen on their body language and moments they had shown that only them can comprehend. The Aldub nation awaits the formal declaration about the confirmation of their real relationship status.

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