Kathryn Admits She Only Want Daniel Padilla As Her Leading Man


Kathryn Bernardo Wants Only Daniel Padilla To Be Her Leading Man

Kathryn Bernard had finally confessed that Daniel Padilla is all that she wanted to be her leading man. The actress can’t think someone to be her love-team but only DJ, the Kapamilya actor is what she need and the only one to be her partner.

“Sa totoo lang naman, kasi sa ngayon talaga si DJ lang talaga muna. Halos lahat ng leading men sa ABS-CBN may kanya-kanya na silang kapareha, di ba?” as the actress returned the question.

As to the most famous love team in the industry, the KathNiel couple is one of the lists in the most well-known partner. That is why it can’t be prevented that the leading partner was compared to other leading love teams.

Concerning to this revelation, the teen star pleases the fan groups who has their own individual supported love teams to stop and give respect to each fan groups. The teen star mentioned that they were not threatened to whoever love teams they will be compared because she believed that each network has their own special offers to each love teams.

According to her, it is better if the fan groups would stop do such troublesome things because at the end of the day there will be no issue created. What motivates them more is those people who never stop supporting them and never lose reasons why these supporters are always supporting them along their journey.

And to the very enthusiastic KB buddy members of Kathryn Bernardo, they will never ever change for their idol.

Kathryn Bernardo’s reaction message to them is that they are truly sincere with their dealings to their supporters. They will not as well changed for their supporters who continue on supporting them. Whatever treatment the supporters had seen to their dealings, one thing that actress wants to prove is that they are real and truly sincere with their actions.

What more interesting in their fans is that they were not only the same on age but there are also who are younger than them.

“Kaya nga sa plano namin ni DJ with regards sa pagtanggap ng mga matured roles, eh, napag-usapan namin na kapag mature roles na ‘yung gagawin namin, dapat mauunawaan at makakasabay ang mga supporters namin,” she said.

Kathryn Bernardo doesn’t want their supporters to be shocked. What she wants is that they need also to grow like what they do.

She also added regarding the question about their endorsement to Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo that it is better if each of us should give respect whoever candidate you may choose to support.

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