Serena Stood In The Crowd And Defended Tenten From Embarrassment

A Brave Girl Who Saved Her Best Friend From Embarrassment And Mockery Of The Crowd

Embarrassment will never happen if it’s not because of Serena’s mother Luciana who forced Tenten to read the English version of Alighieri’s poem.

She felt bad about Tenten being embarrassed in front of the crowd while having difficulty reading the Dante Alighieri’s classic Italian poem “Divine Comedy.” A brave and courageous girl Serena stood at the stage ,faced the crowd with no fear and began reading while defending Tenten to a further embarrassment.



A crowd that composes of hundred people saw tenten as a funny clown rather than a dignified performer. They never stop mocking him and even continued laughing to every mistake he made. This shamefulness stopped when Serena stood up with her head lifted up and grabbed the microphone from Tenten. She then finished the first stanza and introduced herself.

“My name is Serena Marchesa. I came from a very renowned family in Italia. And just like the love na sinasabi ni Dante, it is not important who I am or who you are,” she said to Tenten.


“And that is how I will characterize my short stay here in the Philippines. I fell in love with the jeepney. I fell in love with the water. I fell in love with the food. I fell in love with the people. And most importantly, I fell in love with the most amazing person na nakilala ko sa buong buhay ko. I fell in love with my friend from Tondo.”

Silence filled the room and buzz takes over the laughter as the room was filled with confusion and intrigue. Serena’s mother was obviously disappointed with her daughter’s proclamation, went to the stage saying,”That’s enough. We have to go.”


Her daughter is not listening to her as Selena was already lost in love.
“That’s true. I love you, Tenten. Mahal kita. I love you,” Selena added before her father stopped her childish acts.

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