2016 Spring And Summer Fashion Trends

2016 Spring And Summer Trends: White Sneakers, Ripped Jeans, Dad Hats and Dusters

2016 Spring and Summer trends are never hard to find!

Get ready for a getaway with friends, may it be at the beach or a fun mountain adventure by wearing this effortless and stylish pieces – some of them can be found in your old wardrobe.

Dad’s Wardrobe. Pull out those faded denim, socks and sandal, plus your dad’s hats. Dad hats are simple but stylish, they are made of cotton. 2016 Spring Summer trend

Long Necklaces, Blocky Pendants. Never mind your earrings, set it aside this summer because long and teacher necklaces are in this 2016′ spring and summer style! Patches and pins are also on the rise. Midi rings are also popular right now, to be worn between the first and second knuckle.

Patches and pins can be perfectly worn together with a leather or jean jacket.

Dusters. While may find of the hook, this so called “dusters” are in this summer because of the simple yet fresh silhouette it gives. A combination of a cardigan and a robe can be worn open or closed.

All-white Sneakers. These are becoming popular for the ladies. Though a long-time trend for men before, these effortless beauty is in demand and makes you always on the go!  2016 Spring Summer trend

Ripped Denim. They are still in, even in a formal attire. Anyone could be dressed formally in a ripped jeans. Show off your low-cut boots with your cut jeans.

Shorter Boots. High-cut boots are almost phased-out and exchanged with simpler, more comfortable short boots. Top it with tight skinny jeans and cropped blouse, with or without collar. 22016 Spring Summer trend

Old Clothes Left in Closet. Though trends haven’t changed drastically, the same basic and simple over sized top with skinny jeans are still in. 22016 Spring Summer trendDepending on the occasion, these trends has always been present in our old wardrobe years ago and we might have overlooked or taken it for granted.

It is on how you mix and match with the color, material, texture, and print of your pieces plus the culture you are in.

It’s always fun to experiment and ask for some guidance from friends right?


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