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Monday, December 6, 2021

Here Are The Sons, Daughters Of The Late Comedy King Dolphy

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Dolphy indeed has a big family, when he died, his legacy in showbiz was continued by his children

The late Comedy King Dolphy left a remarkable legend in the Philippine movie and TV industry.

In his lifetime, he was able to make countless movies and TV shows that tickled and touched the hearts of his audience.

He starred in two of the country’s longest running sitcoms, ‘John En Marsha’ and ‘Home Along Da Riles’

Dolphy (Rappler)

He is considered as an icon in doing comedy acts but he never failed to make people cry with the dramatic parts of his shows.

Dolphy was indeed more than just a comedian; he was an entertainer, a legendary one.

Aside from that, there is also another aspect that he left in the showbiz industry and it is his genes through his sons and daughters who also entered the world where he was considered as a king.

Based on the recent article of Online Daily Trends, here are the children of Dolphy who in their little way try to continue his legacy.

The children of the comedy actor from his first wife Engracita or Grace Dominguez are Manny, Salud, Rodolfo Jr., Freddie, Edgar, and Raul.

(Pelikula Atbp)

His children from the former starlet Pamela Ponti are Eric, Ronnie, and Epi Quizon. All of them entered the showbiz and were able to establish their own names.

Epi, Eric, Ronnie Quizon
Epi, Eric, Ronnie Quizon (PEP)

Dolphy’s son Vandolph with veteran actress and dancer Alma Moreno also entered the industry at a young age. He started in the Kapamilya sitcom ‘Home Along Da Riles’.

Vandolph Quizon
Vandolph Quizon (Asian Journal)

The last relationship of the comedy icon was with the Divine Diva Zsa Zsa Padilla and they had a daughter named Zia who is now a recording artist, based on the article.

Zia Quizon (
Zia Quizon (Wish FM)


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