Advertisements That Were Banned Due To Controversial Contents


Here are some of the advertisements that were banned due to controversial contents

There are quite a few advertisements that were banned due to controversial contents and here are some.

As TV/Radio commercial or print ads are major ways to promote a certain product, advertisement companies have to create something that is catchy and has a recall on customers.

However, there are times that creativity led to controversy just like these following commercials.

Napoleon Quince – “Nakatikim Ka Na Ba Ng Kinse Anyos?”,2004


In 2004, Napoleon Quince, posted billboards with the tagline “Nakatikim ka na ba ng kinse anyos”? (Have you tasted a 15-year-old?). Protesters did not like the “apparent innuendo” of the tagline and petitioned the Advertising Board of the Philippines to remove the billboards.

Colt 45 – “Vava-Vroom Real Man Promo” , 2010

Philippine Commission on Women criticized the Asia Brewery Incorporated, maker of Colt 45, for the steamy ad. PCW said that the commercial implied that women are mere commodities. 

McDonald’s – “Dada” Commercial, 2002

These may look cute to many but Senators Juan Flavier and Manny Villar stated that it encouraged bribery and dishonesty to get a result.

Bayantel – “Satisfaction Guarantee”, 2006


The telecommunication company posted a billboard that featured a woman who appeared to be half-naked with a satisfied expression. In addition, the ad has a tagline, “Satisfaction Guarantee.”

Bayantel decided to take down the ad to avoid major protests.

PLDT – “Hello Billy” Commercial, 2001

The gay community did not like how the commercial portrayed the character of Joey as a gay. He was supposed to be a schemer who plans to hinder the wedding of his friend who he fell in love with.

Nice Day! Coffee Commercial, 2014

This commercial features Ellen Adarna in provocative poses while promoting the product. It was not shown on TV because the commercial did not pass the censors. However, it is still accessible online.

T-Bar – “Sexy Girl Fight” Commercial, 2012

This commercial was also not shown on mainstream TV because of its controversial content but it garnered popularity on YouTube.

Have you seen these advertisements before they were totally banned?

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