Claudine Barretto Surprise To Gretchen Barretto For Mother’s Day


Here’s Claudine Barretto surprise for her sister Gretchen Barretto.

CLAUDINE BARRETTO SURPRISE – The “Optimum Star” Claudine Barretto has this surprise to her sister Gretchen Barretto for the Mother’s Day.

Over dinner which happened just this year, the Barretto sisters Claudine and Gretchen finally reconciled and patched things up between them after many years of not being in good and speaking terms. Everything is all well already and that is evident on the posts they share on their social media account which is very open to the public’s eye.

As much as everyone is probably aware of, the two have been at odds since 2013 following Greta’s statement about her sisters mental illness and drug problem to which their mother has refuted and called the former a liar. And things just gotten worse when Greta sided with Raymart Santiago, Claudine’s ex-husband, amid their issues.

And now, they are inseparable. Blood is thicker than water indeed. This coming Mother’s Day, Claudine prepared a surprise for her older sister and it touched many hearts by the way how they hugged each other as if filling all those years that they were not talking.

In an Instagram post the Optimum actress shared, “Happy Mother’s dayin advance. Thank u for always cooking my favorite food & making me laugh till my tummy hurts. [You’re] a wonderful Mom, Sister, Best friend etc. I can go on & on. I luv u so much.”

Watch the video below:

And here are some of the comments of the netizens to this according to the post:

I don’t know but when you two hug each other and your Ate told you ” I’m your mother” melts me into tears

They got each other’s back no matter what. Not a fan but that long warm hug says it all.

They arent perfect. People made mistakes. They deserve to be happy. Thats a genuine love.

Bat ako naiyak nong niyakap ni Gretchen si Claudine? I saw the sincerity on Gretchen’s eye.

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