Election 2019 Mayoral Race In Makati Ends – 1 Binay Proclaimed Mayor


Binay Proclaimed Mayor Following the Election 2019 Mayoralty Race in Makati Reaching Its End

ELECTION 2019 MAYORALTY RACE – One of the two(2) Binays who ran for the seat of Makati City mayor in the Election 2019 was proclaimed the winner of the race.

The public was undeniably surprised by the list of candidates for the seat of Makati City mayor in the midterm Election 2019. It included two of the children of former Vice President Jejomar Binay.

Incumbent Makati Mayor Abby Binay and former Makati City Mayor Junjun Binay have filed their certificate of candidacies for the said position. There were four(4) other mayoralty candidates aside from the Binay siblings who are visibly not in good terms.

Former Vice President Jejomar Binay took the side of the incumbent Makati City mayor. His wife, Elenita, and his other daughters Anne and Senator Nancy Binay sided on Junjun Binay. Undeniably, the political rivalry of the siblings saddened a lot of people.

Junjun Binay
Photo Courtesy of The Manila Times

In the early hours of Tuesday (May 14, 2019), Abby Binay was leading the Election 2019 mayoralty race in Makati City. She’s followed by her brother, Junjun Binay. There was a huge gap so many think that the re-electionist mayor will really get her second term as the city mayor.

Recently, the Election 2019 mayoralty race in Makati City has come to an end with one(1) of the two(2) Binays securing the seat. Incumbent Mayor Abby Binay won her second term as mayor of Makati City.

Abby Binay
Photo Courtesy of Coconuts Manila

Based on a recent report on Inquirer, it’s a landslide victory for Abby not only against his brother but as well as the four(4) other candidates for Makati City mayor. The results released by the Board of Canvassers showed that she got 179,522 votes.

Abby is followed by her brother, Junjun, in the final list. He scored 98,653 votes. The other candidates – Ricky Yabut, Rene Bondal, Wilfredo Talag, and Love Alanzalon got 23,721; 3,565; 1,541; and 1,101 votes respectively.

According to the report, Mayor Abby Binay was already proclaimed as the winner of the mayoralty race but she was not around at the Makati Coliseum when the proclamation was read.


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