Election 2019 Result – Latest Partial & Unofficial Senatorial Race Result Today (May 15)


Latest Partial & Unofficial Election 2019 Result of Senatorial Race as of May 15, 2019

ELECTION 2019 RESULT – Here is the latest partial and unofficial result of the Election 2019 senatorial race as of 12:30 noon today, May 15.

On Monday, May 13, 2019, the Filipino populace exercised their right to suffrage once again. The midterm Election 2019 was a special non-working day in the country and a lot of people were out to vote in the local and national elections.

Under the wider arena which is the national government level, there were elections for the positions of senators and the members of the House of Representatives. With regards to the former, there are twelve(12) seats that are up for grabs.

A total of sixty-two (62) candidates are vying for the senatorial seats. Some of them are senators whose terms are about to end and others are seeking a comeback to the House of Senate.

Since the very first partial results released following the closing of the election polls on Monday, Senator Cynthia Villar tops the list. Currently, she remains on the number 1 spot in the partial and unofficial results. Sen. Grace Poe is next to Sen. Villar in the list but there is a wide gap with regards to their number of votes now.

Based on a live tally of the ABS-CBN News, as of this writing, the latest partial and unofficial Election 2019 result of the senatorial race is from 96.26% of the Election Returns. The latest available result is as of 10:25 am today, May 15, 2019.

Here is the latest partial and unofficial Election 2019 result of the senatorial race based on the live tally provided by ABS-CBN:

  1. Villar, Cynthia –24,706,622
  2. Poe, Grace – 21,595,449
  3. Go, Bong – 20,048,906
  4. Cayetano, Pia – 19,312,865
  5. Dela Rosa, Bato – 18,429,175
  6. Angara, Sonny – 17,760,344
  7. Lapid, Lito – 16,607,712
  8. Marcos, Imee – 15,498,043
  9. Tolentino, Francis – 15,081,755
  10. Revilla, Bong – 14,281,698
  11. Pimentel, Koko – 14,275,369
  12. Binay, Nancy – 14,235,726
  13. Ejercito, Estrada JV – 13,993,367

The counting of votes is still ongoing. Rest assured that we will continue to post updates regarding the Election 2019.


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