SSS Retirement Requirements – What To Prepare in Applying For SSS Retirement Benefit


List of the SSS Retirement Requirements in Applying for the Benefit

SSS RETIREMENT REQUIREMENTS – Here is a list of the documents needed in applying for the Social Security System’s Retirement Benefit.

Members of the Social Security System or SSS, a social insurance institution in the Philippines, are entitled to a lot of SSS member benefits. One of them is the SSS Retirement Benefit for members who have reached 60 years old and with an active account.

Under the SSS Retirement Benefit, there are two offers – an SSS monthly pension and a lump sum. The former is open for retired members who have reached 120 monthly contributions.

With regards to the SSS lump sum, it is a one-time payment for retired members who have not reached 120 monthly contributions. It is equivalent to the total contribution of the member, his or her employer, and the interest.

SSS Retirement

In applying for the monthly pension or the lump sum, there are SSS Retirement requirements that members should prepare.

Based on the official website of the Social Security System, here is a list of the SSS Retirement requirements that members should submit in applying:

  • SSS Retirement Claim Application (RCA) Form
  • Photo and Signature Form of Member
  • Single savings account passbook/ ATM/UMID card that is enrolled as an ATM card
  • UMID and other government-issued identification cards such as the following:
    • Social Security (SS) card
    • Alien Certificate of Registration
    • National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance
    • Driver’s License
    • Passport
    • Postal Identity card
    • Voter’s ID card
    • Seafarer’s Identification and Record Book (Seaman’s Book)
  • Proof of Separation from employment or cessation of business
    • Certificate of Separation
    • Certificate of Non-Renewal of Business or Practice of Profession or Cessation of Business
    • Certificate of Termination of Membership
    • Affidavit of Separation / Cessation of Employment

Aside from the aforementioned general SSS Retirement requirements, there may be other requirements depending on the status of the retiree.

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