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SSS RETIREMENT BENEFIT – What Retiree May Receive Aside from Monthly Pension

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List of What Retirees May Receive Under the SSS Retirement Benefit Aside from the Pension

SSS RETIREMENT BENEFIT – Here is a list of what a retired Social Security System (SSS) member may receive aside from the monthly pension.

In the Philippines, the institution that takes charge of the insurance of the people working in private companies and sectors is the Social Security System. More commonly known as SSS, it is also open for the insurance of self-employed individuals.

A member must pay for the SSS monthly contribution to avail the SSS member benefits and services which can greatly help most especially in the face of emergencies. Also, there is a long-term benefit – the SSS pension.

The monthly pension is under the SSS Retirement Benefit. A retired member of the social insurance institution may avail it if he or she has reached at least 120 total monthly contributions.

SSS Retirement Benefit

In case the retired member has not reached the set limit for the monthly pension, he or she may receive a lump sum amount.

Aside from the monthly pension or lump sum amount, the retirees would also receive other benefits and assistance under the SSS Retirement Benefit.

Based on the official website of the Social Security System, here is a list of the other benefits that a retiree may receive under the SSS Retirement Benefit aside from the monthly pension:

  • 13th Month Pension every December
  • Php 1,000.00 additional benefit
  • automatic membership to PhilHealth for retirees before the implementation of R.A. 7875
  • PhilHealth hospitalization benefits for retirees who have paid at least 120 monthly contributions to Medicare

Do you want to know how much you may get as an SSS monthly pension? You may visit – SSS MEMBER PENSION – How Much An SSS Member Can Get As Monthly Pension.

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