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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Jodi Sta. Maria’s Son Shocks The Internet In New Video

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Jodi Sta Maria’s Son Shocks Online Community & Fans In New Video

JODI STA MARIA’S SON – It looks like the cute and adorable kid from Jodi Sta. Maria’s advertisements is all grown up now!

Being the proud mom that she is, Jodi uploaded a video of her son on her Instagram story showing his progress toward a toned physique. Even at such a young age, Thirdy Lacson, Jodi’s son already had quite the figure.

It only goes to show how much influence a dedicated and disciplined mom could have on her child. Building towards such a physique requires much dedication and it looks like Thirdy has plenty.

Jodi Sta. Maria's Son Shocks The Internet In New Video
Image from: PEP

But, according to PEP, this isn’t the only time that Jodi showed of Thirdy on social media. Last year, Jodi’s son decided to switch up his hairstyle and wanted to rock messy curls as opposed to his usual clean-cut style.

On her previous InstagrTime flies so fast. Parang kailan lang karga karga kita, ngayon halos mag-kasing laki na tayo at ikaw na ang namimili ng damit na susuotin mo at hairstyle na gusto mo..pero kahit ano pang mangyari at ilang taon pa ang lumipas..ikaw parin ang baby boy ko. Love you babeam post, Jodi captioned:

Jodi Sta. Maria's Son Shocks The Internet In New Video
Image from: Jodi Sta Maria | Instagram

As per the article, Jodi emphasized that when it comes to disciplining her son, it was important to do it from a place of love and concern. So, a lot of open communication is involved whenever Jodi and her Thirdy has an issue.

Thirdy is turning 15 on December 23. From there, the potential of this young man would only grow higher.

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