Xyriel Manabat Reveals Why She’s Not Doing TV Projects

Xyriel Manabat Answers Why She Went On Hiatus With TV Projects

XYRIEL MANABAT – It’s been a while since we got to see Xyriel on the television, but, what exactly is the reason for this?

Recently, Xyriel was pushed back into the limelight after netizens talked about her figure. Although completely natural some still tried to shift the narrative and blamed Xyriel herself for her choice of clothing.

Because of this, the former child star had a flood of support coming from netizens on social media. Along with this, many fans wanted to see her back on television. Sadly, fans might need to wait a little bit longer as Xyriel announced big plans for her personal life.

Xyriel Manabat Reveals Why She's Not Doing TV Projects
Image from: Xyriel Manabat | Instagram

During the latest episode of Kapamilya Confessions, Xyriel answered important questions regarding her career in showbiz. She explained that she’s not done with acting, but instead, would like to focus on herself.

Xyriel emphasized that when she takes on a roll, she devotes herself to the project. Unfortunately, the young actress is still studying. With that in mind, she said she wouldn’t give justice to whatever character she would accept. “So du’n po tayo ‘pag nandun na lahat focus ko and lahat ng determination ko nandu’n na po sa show na ‘yun”, the actress said.

Meanwhile, Xyriel said she plans to take Civil-Engineering when she gets to college. However, with a hectic course like that, this would also test Xyriel’s time management and priorities with studies and showbiz. But, seeing how she’s prioritizing studies right now, her focus on studies later isn’t far off.


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