Boy Abunda Reveals Past Life Before He Was “King Of Talk”

Boy Abunda Reveals Past Life Experiences Before Showbiz

BOY ABUNDA REVEALS PAST LIFE – It’s really hard to imagine showbiz without the King of Talk, Boy Abunda. But, what was he like before glitz and glamour of the industry?

Boy’s road to success wasn’t paved in golden bricks. As a young man, Boy had to scrape his way through different jobs just to earn himself a living. He used to open doors at restaurants, sell fire extinguishers, and even encyclopedias.

During an interview with Catholic preacher and Investor Bro. Bo Sanchez, Boy talked about his “hard life” in Manila. Adding to this, Boy’s life dramatically changed the day he lost his Tatay. He explained that when his father died, his family in Samar also risked losing their home.

Boy Abunda Reveals Past Life Before He Was "King Of Talk"
Image from: ABS-CBN

“Naalala ko ito Bro. Bo dahil in my last interview with you, we talked about financial education and literacy. Importante sa akin yun na isa sa mga kaugalian that I learned from Nanay and Tatay ay huwag umutang kasi nung pumanaw ang aking ama nakasanla ang aming bahay.

The King of Talk also recalled how their home was mortgaged with PNB and how his mother wasn’t able to afford the payments. He explained that as a teacher, his Nanay’s salary wasn’t enough to pay for the loan.

So, in order to help out his family, Boy decided to go to Manila and look for jobs. There was even a time where Boy was forced to live in Luneta Park for weeks. Eventually, after countless numbers of jobs, including being a tourist guide, Boy had his break and had his foot in showbiz.

After that the rest was history. Watch the full interview here

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