Andrea Brillantes Reacts to Criticisms: “Madaming tao ang closed-minded”

Andrea Brillantes Reacts to The Criticisms Received from Bashers

ANDREA BRILLANTES – The young actress has expressed her reaction against the criticisms she received from bashers online.

The Kapamilya young actress shared her thoughts on the recent backlash she has received on social media. Andrea was condemned online for several reasons, one of which was her skepticism of the public’s decision in the recent 2022 elections.

Andrea Brillantes Criticisms

The actress even asked voters “nasaan ang utak” for allegedly voting for President-elect Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. Andrea stated in an interview that while some internet users understand her, others are closed-minded.

“When I was younger kasi, puro lang ako love, happiness and positivity. Never ko inisip ’yong mga bashing, kasi nga di naman gano’n ang tingin ko sa mundo,” said Andrea.

“Until unti-unti ko na-realize na madaming mga tao na close-minded. Madaming tao na ’di ka maiintindihan. Madaming tao na ’yong actions mo kahit good intentions ’yan, puwede pa rin nilang maliin,” she added.

Some internet users have continued to attack Andrea, and others have continued to boycott Andrea’s sponsored products. Netizens monitor Andrea’s every action, including buying it in a store in Siargao while doing a baby talk.

Andrea’s activities with her new partner Ricci Rivero have been making headlines on social media. Users on social media are making fun of the young celebrity and continue to chastise her for not updating her social media account with fresh photographs and events.

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