SUV Driver Who Rammed Security Guard “No Show” in LTO Hearing

SUV Driver No Show in LTO Hearing Following Incident Mandaluyong

The driver of the SUV “no show” in the hearing set by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) following the incident in Mandaluyong.

According to LTO chief Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante, the owner of the SUV that ran over a security guard did not appear in front of LTO personnel on Tuesday for a hearing on the incident. As a result, the LTO will issue a final show cause order to the vehicle’s owner.

SUV Driver LTO Hearing

He was supposed to show up at 1 p.m. to visit the office to explain why he should not face an administrative case for careless driving and why his license should not be suspended or canceled, based on the article. The SUV’s owner has already stated that his son was behind the wheel when he hit the security guard in Mandaluyong City on Sunday.

Prior to the hearing, Mandaluyong City Police Chief Colonel Gauvin Mel Unos announced that the driver of the SUV had been charged with frustrated murder and abandonment of one’s own victim. Dashcam footage of the incident enraged netizens.

JV Ejercito declared on Facebook yesterday that he is offering a P50,000 prize for any information about the driver of the RAV-4 who ran down a traffic enforcer in Mandaluyong. Following that, he stated through Twitter that the father of the RAV-4’s controversial driver had contacted him.

The senator further claimed that his father communicated with him via an envoy. According to the senator, the driver’s family will be responsible for the guard’s medical expenditures.

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