Angeline Quinto’s Heartwarming Family Moments with Kris Aquino in California

Angeline Quinto, the renowned singer in the country, shared heartwarming photos depicting joyful moments with her husband Nonrev Daquina, and their son Sylvio during their visit to “Queen of All Media” Kris Aquino in California. The pictures also include Kris Aquino’s children and Vice Governor Mark Leviste, who stayed by her side amid her illness.

Angeline Quinto Visit Kris Aquino

In her post, the happiness and overflowing love in the Quinto-Daquina family are evident as they explore California and visit their friend Kris Aquino. Angeline’s face beams with joy alongside her husband Nonrev and their child Sylvio. The smiles on their faces are undeniable, a clear sign of a happy gathering. In her message, Angeline expresses her long-awaited visit to the United States, and it seems to have come true this time. She also extends warm wishes for Kris Aquino’s speedy recovery and a heartfelt desire for their friend’s quick return to health. Angeline doesn’t forget to promise that they will return for another visit, always ready to be there for their friend on their next trip to America.

Angeline Quinto Visit Kris Aquino

Through the sharing of photos and sentiments, Angeline’s care and appreciation for her family and friends become even more apparent. It shows that no matter how busy her career as a renowned singer may be, she never forgets the importance of spending time with loved ones.

Angeline Quinto Visit Kris Aquino

Angeline Quinto’s message and the photos of her happy family inspire many to love and prioritize moments filled with joy and unity. Despite her success in the music industry, she doesn’t forget the importance of being a loving spouse and parent.

Through her simple smiles, Angeline Quinto reminds us all of the value of having a happy family and the importance of making time for the people who truly matter in our lives.

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