Contestant’s Unique Sport Choice Makes History in Mr. Intramurals Went Viral

In the past weeks, various schools across the country held their much-anticipated intramurals. This is the time when students have the opportunity to showcase their skills in various sports fields that they are passionate about. One of the main highlights of intramurals is the selection of Mr. and Miss Intrams, where participants compete not only in intelligence but also in beauty.

Intramurals 2023

However, this year, one contestant in the Mr. Intramurals competition added a unique flavor to the event. It was the contestant who gained attention for representing an unconventional sport – cockfighting.

In a viral video that reached ten million views, the joy and excitement of students were evident as the contestant demonstrated skill in cockfighting. As he entered, carrying a fighting cock, the performance immediately captured the audience’s attention. With the proper handling and release of the cock, the contestant succeeded in making the audience laugh and marvel.

Intramurals 2023

Not only in the context of intramurals but in the entire history of competitions, this was the first time a contestant represented cockfighting. The uniqueness and entertaining performance of the contestants brought a new dimension to the traditional competition. Instead of the usual sports like basketball, volleyball, or football, cockfighting found a special place in the hearts of the audience.

This resulted in extensive discussions and accolades for the excellence of the participants. The unconventional choice of sport-inspired other students to promote their passion and interests by showcasing them in such competitions.

Intramurals 2023
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In this event, intramurals succeeded not only in the sports arena but also in presenting the unique talents and interests of the students. It became a historic occasion that brought joy and recognition to a larger audience regarding cockfighting, a traditional game that reflects the country’s culture.

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