Golden Buzzer: 12-Year-Old Girl Stuns Britain’s Got Talent Judges With Defying Gravity

Beau Dermott – Britain’s Got Talent

Beau Dermott - Britain's Got Talent 2016

In search for the next Britain’s Got Talent winner, the crew and of course the judges are choosing the best of the best contestants to complete the championship title. And what we have in the video below is among them – the best auditions in Britain’s Got Talent.

As she first stepped on the stage, it is pretty obvious that this contestant is quiet nervous of the big crowd in front of her. Meet Beau Dermott, a 12-year-old girl who tried her luck in this prestigious competition. As she is recovering in front, Simon Cowell asked her, “are you nervous?” during the Britain’s Got Talent that aired last Saturday night, April 9.

As we all know, Cowell is sometimes so skeptical when it comes to those auditionees who act like something is wrong just like Beau who at first seemed awfully shy, announced from the stage. Beau is going to sing “Defying Gravity” from the musical ‘Wicked’. If you are not as vocally genius as Idina Menzel, then you cannot sing this song properly.

Even Cowell joined the entire room when the audience gave a standing ovation as she incredibly hit every note of the song.

Watch the video below:

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