BEST TIME FOR TEA – 4 Best Times To Drink Green Tea Revealed

Guide on the Best Time For Tea (Green Tea)

BEST TIME FOR TEA – Here is a guide on the four(4) best times to drink green tea which is one of the healthiest drinks for the body.

Nowadays, more and more people are concerned about their health considering the high counts of diseases that affect a lot of individuals. Many are in search for the healthiest food, drinks, and activities for the body. That is why many are into drinking teas not only the older ones.

One of the teas that a lot of people drink is the green tea. It is known for its many green tea benefits for the body including its capacity to boost the cognitive functioning, reduce cardiovascular diseases, and fight inflammation.

However, it is not all about adding it to our diet. Knowing the best time for tea may boost its benefits and do a lot more than we can ever imagine.

Green Tea
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Based on an article on Boldsky, there are four(4) best times for tea. Here is a list of them and an explanation under each best time for tea:

1. Not too early in the morning

Drinking green tea on empty stomach may have a risky effect on your body. It can affect the liver due to the presence of catechins in it. You can have it at around 10 a.m. in the morning.

2. In-between meals

To maximize the absorption of iron from the green tea and as well as the intake of nutrients, it is best to have it in-between meals like two(2) hours before or after eating. Catechins in it may inhibit your iron absorption if you take a green tea together with food.

3. Before workout

Based on the article, one of the best time for tea is before the workout session as it helps promote healthy fat burning. It can also boost your energy for the exercise.

4. Two(2) hours before bedtime

The metabolism of the body hours before the bedtime is very slow. To speed it up, you may drink a green tea two(2) hours before sleeping. Do not take it right before the bedtime as you might find it hard to sleep due to its L-Theanine, an amino acid, content.

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