Betong Allegedly Barred to Enter GMA After Mistaken as Utility Staff

Betong Sumaya Shares Being Barred in GMA After Mistaken as Utility Staff

Kapuso comedian Betong Sumaya shared his experience of being barred to enter the GMA building by a security guard after mistaken as utility staff.

Alberto Sermonia Sumaya Jr., also known as Betong Sumaya, is a Filipino comedian, actor, and former production assistant at GMA Network’s talent agency. The 46-year-old actor recently shared his unforgettable experience while going to work.

Betong Utility Staff

According to him, the incident took place in 2019. The comedian was allegedly stopped by the guard at the GMA building. Sumaya claims that the security requested his ID before allowing him inside the facility.

Unfortunately, the actor is without an ID card because GMA refused to provide them with a business ID. Sumaya is a GMA celebrity, one of the security employees informed the guard.

The latter clarified that he is an actor, but the guard doesn’t seem to be entirely convinced. The security guy expressed regret to the actor for missing his status as an artist.

The staff added that he was merely carrying out the task given to him and safeguarding the security of the workers within the facility. Sumaya and the guard didn’t get along well.

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