Callalily Renamed the Band to “LILY” After Kean Cipriano Move On

Callalily Changes Name to “LILY” After Kean Cipriano Left the Band

The Filipino band Callalily changes its name to “LILY” after their vocalist Kean Cipriano disengages from the band.

The band’s official Facebook page, which previously went by the name Callalily, has been changed to LILY Music. White backgrounds have been added to the profile and cover photos.

Callalily Lily

Following Kean Cipriano’s statement that he will leave the band, which he led for 17 years, these adjustments appeared to have taken place this week. After almost two decades, the latter claimed that it is now time for him to move on with his life.

As his former comrades search for a new vocalist, Cipriano sent them his best wishes. He also emphasized how each of them develops in a unique way. The former vocalist also discussed the potential for doing reunion performances.

According to the GMA News story, the LILY music has informed them that they would issue a formal statement soon. “We just have to consult with our lawyers,” they said.

Kean’s wife and vice president of O/C Records, Chynna Ortaleza, explained that he did not quit the band but rather distanced from them in an exclusive interview with GMA News Online. She claimed that Kean had made the decision to quit the band environment.

But she disclosed that Callalily had always been his property. He carries the brand with him. “He did disengage with his former bandmates but the name Callalily stays with Kean Cipriano.”

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