Broadcaster Who Once Challenge Duterte Arrested for Cyberlibel

Broadcaster Who Previously Challenge Duterte for Gunfight Arrested for Cyberlibel

A local radio broadcaster who once challenge former President Rodrigo Duterte for gunfight arrested after charged for cyberlibel.

The radio commentator known as Waldy Carbonel was taken into custody by the police as a result of a cyberlibel case and is currently in jail. While Carbonel was jogging in Pasay City, police arrested him.

Broadcaster Challenge Duterte

Piddig, Ilocos Norte Mayor Eduardo Guillen filed the aforementioned complaint against the 79-year-old Carbonell, as a result of the commentator’s allegations of corruption. Due to the reported disruption in their fundraising, where they are currently unable to access the digital bank account they used to generate funds, Carbonell has not been able to post bail as of yet.

According to reports, Carbonell will have to fork over up to P280,000, which is why they really need to start gathering money. In addition, Carbonell is also receiving medical attention for various issues.

Recall that when Rodrigo Duterte was the mayor of Davao City before to becoming the country’s leader, Carbonell challenged him to a duel. The incident took place in 2003, but the combat was abandoned.

The fact that a Chinese business supposedly plans to take over ABS-CBN and rebrand it as the “Dragon Broadcasting Network” was also exposed in this. He claims that despite being a vocal opponent of China and having even burned their flag, he has been employed to work for the aforementioned Chinese broadcasting network.

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