Friday, March 31, 2023

Francis Leo Marcos Pleaded Guilty for Violating Anti-Alias Law

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Francis Leo Marcos Found Guilty for Violating Anti-Alias Law

FRANCIS LEO MARCOS – Good Samaritan vlogger and senatorial candidate pleaded guilty for violating anti-alias law.

Francis Leo Marcos, a well-known internet personality, received a three-year prison term. This came about after it was established that he broke the anti-alias statute by using the Marcos family name while his actual name is Norman Mangusin Antonio.

“With the documentary and testimonial evidence adduced, this Court is fully convinced that the prosecution has succeeded in proving the guilt of the accused, Norman Mangusin y Antonio alias Francis Leo Marcos y Antonio beyond reasonable doubt,” according to the court’s decision.

Francis Leo Marcos Guilty

Based on the report, Mangusin is involved in more serious matters that the court has not yet made a decision on. He ran for senator in the most recent election, however he was unsuccessful.

Mangusin was referred to as a “Rich Good Samaritan” because to his “Mayaman Challenge,” in which he urged the wealthy to emulate him and assist the underprivileged. However, several online users discovered that Mangusin had previously been a moneylender and was simply claiming to be wealthy in order to find his next victim.

Mangusin, however, refuted the accusations made against him. Mangusin is still being held by the authorities as they prepare to bring more serious allegations against him.

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