BTS Jin Officially Discharged from South Korean Military

On Wednesday, Jin, a member of the famous K-pop group BTS, was officially discharged from his 18-month military service. In a live broadcast by Korean media, Jin was seen being honored for completing his training. The emotional moment of him hugging and bidding farewell to his fellow soldiers was also captured.


Jin’s discharge was a vibrant and joyous event, as his fellow BTS members were present to celebrate his completion of service. The timing of his discharge coincided perfectly with BTS’s 11th anniversary on June 13. According to BigHit Music, Jin is set to lead the Festa celebrations, an annual festival commemorating BTS’s anniversary with their fans, known as ARMYs.

The “Festa” is a major event held every June 13, lasting one to two weeks. It is filled with various activities and celebrations for BTS fans. Jin, whose real name is Kim Seok-jin, is the first BTS member to complete his military service. He enlisted in December 2022 and made his official solo debut before enlisting with the song “The Astronaut,” written by Coldplay. This song quickly climbed the music charts after its release.


Currently, the other BTS members are actively serving in the military. They are scheduled to reunite in 2025, a highly anticipated event for their fans worldwide.

Jin’s discharge brought immense joy to ARMYs. They used the hashtag #WelcomeBackJin on social media to show their support. Messages welcoming “Mr. Worldwide Handsome” flooded the live stream as Jin shared his military experiences and sent a message to his colleagues still in service. Many fans also jokingly posted, “Daddy’s home!” and “The Astronaut returns!”

With his return, Jin is expected to engage in numerous activities and projects with BTS and his solo career. His return is a significant event not only for BTS but also for the entire K-pop industry.

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