Viral Wedding Mishap Leads to Second Ceremony for Negros Oriental Newlyweds

A newlywed couple from Negros Oriental, Janine Suelto and Jove Sagario, are set to remarry after their initial wedding ceremony encountered significant issues, leading to a viral online reaction and widespread local support.

Viral Wedding

Janine shared their ordeal on Facebook, detailing how their June 8 wedding was thrown into disarray. Originally scheduled for 8 AM, they were informed just a day prior that the schedule had changed. Arriving at the church 45 minutes before the new time, the couple and their wedding party were allegedly reprimanded by church staff for being late and were told they wouldn’t receive a traditional church wedding.

A video captured during the event showed the wedding entourage hastily walking down the aisle as the mass began. Janine, who is expecting, struggled to keep up and nearly slipped at one point. The rushed and stressful circumstances overshadowed what was meant to be a joyous occasion, especially with a funeral service scheduled immediately after their wedding.

Janine’s heartfelt post resonated with many, attracting thousands of shares and comments. The couple’s distressing experience caught the attention of local wedding suppliers and vendors, who generously offered to restage the entire wedding free of charge. This outpouring of support culminated in a new wedding date set for June 17.

The upcoming ceremony promises to be a proper celebration, complete with a host, a bridal car, professional event photography, and other wedding essentials. This gesture from the community aims to give Janine and Jove the special day they deserve.

The church involved in the incident has since addressed the situation. A priest apologized for the confusion and the harsh exchange of words, attributing the mishap to a misunderstanding regarding the wedding schedule. He clarified that the original wedding time had not been moved due to the funeral mass scheduled immediately after. Consequently, the wedding party’s arrival time led to rushed adjustments.

This incident highlights the impact of community support and the power of social media in bringing attention to personal stories. The overwhelming response from local businesses and individuals showcases the collective desire to rectify the couple’s unfortunate experience and ensure their wedding day is memorable for all the right reasons. As Janine and Jove prepare for their second ceremony, they can look forward to a day filled with the joy and celebration that was missing from their first attempt.

After the wedding went viral and netizens called for them to be featured on KMJS, GMA Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, the KMJS team will be with the trending couple in Amlan, Negros Oriental. Stay tuned for this feature.

Viral Wedding

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