Cedric Lee Strongly Denied The Allegations Of Vina Morales

Cedric Lee Denied The Allegations Of Vina Morales

Businessman Cedric Lee strongly denied the allegations of Vina Morales that he forcefully took their child, Ceana within 9 days.

According to Cedric, the allegations of his former girlfriend are absurd and there is no truth in her statement because he has a court order that proves Vina did not comply with his visitation rights.

To recall, Vina revealed in PEP.ph that she filed a complaint against Cedric Lee for forcibly detaining their daughter without her permission.

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Last Tuesday, June 7, PEP had a talked with Cedric through a telephone call to give his side relating to Vina Morales’ statement.

Obviously, the voice of Cedric is quite angry for ignoring him by his former girlfriend and a mother of his daughter.

He said that the media shouldn’t release sensitive issue like this.

Cedric Lee contradicted the statement of Vina that their daughter was traumatized while Ceana was with him. In fact, their daughter enjoyed so much to their father-and-daughter bonding.

Cedric Lee showed some pictures as a proof of his statement.

In a report published by PEP, after they had a phone talked with him, Cedric Lee sent them a further statement through Facebook messenger regarding the allegations of Vina Morales.

In here, he laid 6 points why you shouldn’t believe the statement of Vina.
Cedric Lee reiterated that he don’t want to ensue this situation because he doesn’t want to speak sharply against the mother of his child.

Here are the statements of Cedric:
The press released to Vina is only a mere allegations and not substantiated by court documents. Due to the sensitivity of the case, the court document can’t release publicly in order to protect the exposure of the to public scrutiny.

He stated that he has no intention of throwing harsh words to the mother of their child to protect his child’s reputation. He also finds the statement of his former wife as damaging.

1. His visitation case is ongoing for 3 years now. Cedric tried his best to keep this issue out of the public, out of respect for the mother of his child and to his daughter.
2. Visitation, holidays and spending few nights during the holiday are the agreements signed by Cedric and Vina and was agreed since 2013.
3. Court have recorded violation that Cedric wasn’t able to see his daughter. In the note of court, Vina Morales owes him 10 days.
4. Her lawyer were in touch with his lawyer during his 8 days with his daughter. The lawyers know when did he had taken home his daughter.
5. Cedric denied that their daughter wasn’t traumatized while Ceana was with him. Cedric Lee showed some photos of him and Ceana.

cedric lee

cedric lee

cedric lee

6.Their daughter was asked to go to the court on the 8th day. He said that Ceana is 7-year-old and this is all new to her.

Cedric refutes that he bullied Vina and the family of the actress. He said that he did not say anything in media also their child has the right to have both of them in her life.

On June 8, the camp of Cedric was set to release a statement in media by Atty. Ricardo Moreño.

cedric lee

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