Chinese Coast Guard Modus Operandi Caught In Indonesia’s Territorial Sea

Indonesia Encountered Chinese Coast Guard In Indonesia’s Natuna Islands

Chinese coast guard vessel was caught by Indonesian patrol boat in the vicinity of Indonesia’s Natuna Islands in the South China Sea. The Chinese coast guard had almost trespass the Indonesia’s 12-Nautical mile territorial sea off Bunguran (Natuna Besar) Island.

This occurrence had started after a patrol boat from Indonesian Ministry of Fishery and Marine Affairs or KKP, KPHiu, captured the eight crew members and seized the 300-ton Chinese fishing boats, Kway Fey 10078 within Indonesia’s exclusive economic zone last March 19, on the afternoon. The crews of Kway Fey were transferred at Hui following a brief inspection after three Indonesian fishery officers from the Hiu took over the Kway Fey.


A Chinese Coast Guard vessel had quickly arrived on the horizon, chased and smashed forcibly the Kway Fey when the Hui was towing or escorting the Kway Fey, forced to stop it near the limits of Indonesian territorial sea shortly after midnight, March 20. Hiu had done contacted their base for a naval assistance. And since there is no Indonesian warship assigned permanently to look over in Natuna, the navy had sent a rigid-hull inflatable boat.


In a report published by johnib, another Chinese coast guard vessel had appeared in the vicinity. The officers of Indonesia settled to leave the fishing boat and return to Hui to avoid additional escalation. The Chinese Coast Guard officers entered the Kway Fey to take over off from Indonesian waters.

The Indonesian navy RHIB already arrived at the location and started guarding and escorting the Indonesia’s territorial sea.

The Indonesian fishery minister, Susi Pudjiastuti, objected the Chinese Coast Guard actions and solemnly promised to call for the Chinese ambassador in Jakarta.

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  1. well, the chinoys surely are running out of food source that it would no be surprising that every chinese coast guard ship would appear in virtually every part of the world


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