Joey De Leon’s Recent Controversial IG Post Received Various Reactions


The recent controversial post of Henyo Master Joey De Leon on his Instagram account received various reactions from netizens.

Joey De Leon will not be called as the Henyo Master for nothing and he always brings amazement to his fans through his ingenuity in whatever he does.

He can do hosting with his own spontaneous spiel and he is known for playing with words or using pun in his statements whether on national TV or on his social media posts.

Joey De Leon

One good example to this trait or talent of the Henyo Master is his recent Instagram post which gathered different reactions from netizens.

The ‘Eat Bulaga’ host shared a photo of a painting which looks intriguing and his caption even gave more intriguing thoughts from his followers.

Joey captioned his controversial post with:

“Kung minsan ang tunay na PAKAY ng YAKAP ay PAYAK…to PAK YA !”

Kung minsan ang tunay na PAKAY ng YAKAP ay PAYAK…to PAK YA !

A post shared by Joey de Leon (@angpoetnyo) on


With his play of words, many of Joey De Leon’s fans lauded him for coming up with the said idea. There are those who salute his being “genius” and that he really lives up to his title as Henyo Master.

(screen shot from @angpoetnyo IG account)



(screen shot from @angpoetnyo IG account)

Despite that he is known for his being brave in posting controversial captions or photos on his social media accounts, Joey still received negative comments from netizens who did not like his recently shared photo.

There was one IG user who said that the post of the Henyo Master is not fitting and she calls it “kadugyutan”.

On the other hand, there are a lot of netizens who defended the noontime show host.

(screen shot from @angpoetnyo IG account)

Another netizen expressed that what he posted is inappropriate to be posted on social media and one of his followers slammed the negative comment also.

(screen shot from @angpoetnyo IG account)

There was even a netizen who seemed to be a foreigner who commented negative to the post of Joey De Leon.

(screen shot from @angpoetnyo IG account)



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