Alice Dixson Criticized for Hiding the Face of Her Boyfriend

Alice Dixson Elicited Reactions Online for Hiding Face of Boyfriend Veteran actress Alice Dixson elicited reactions from the netizens, especially from the Marites for hiding the face of her boyfriend. Award-winning actress Alice Dixson experienced backlash from online users after publishing a photo with her partner’s face covered in a hat on her Instagram post … Read more

Enchong Dee Says He Learned to Save Money Due to Inflation

Enchong Dee Allegedly Learned to Save Money Due to Inflation TV host-actor Enchong Dee said that he allegedly learned how to save money due to the inflation rate in the Philippines. The actor posted on social media that he had learned to save because of the country’s current growing prices. Enchong stated in an Instagram … Read more

Janno Gibbs Gives Message to Supporters of President Marcos Jr

Janno Gibbs Gives Has This Message to Supporters of President Marcos Jr Singer-actor Janno Gibbs took social media to give his message to the supporters of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. The singer-actor posted a message on Instagram to PBBM supporters in the midst of ongoing tirades on both sides. People allegedly should pay attention … Read more

Juliana Parizcova Segovia Deserves a Government Position – Supporter

Supporter of Juliana Segovia Says He Deserved a Government Position An avid supporter of comedian Juliana Parizcova Segovia claimed that he deserved to have a government position under Marco’s administration. On May 27, 2022, Miss Q&A Season 1 Grand Winner Juliana Parizcova Segovia posted a simple message to his “haters” on Instagram. Juliana shared a … Read more

Pokwang Lectures Bashers Calling VP Leni Robredo “Lutang, Lugaw”

Pokwang Lashes Bashers Criticizing VP Leni Robredo Calling Her “Lutang” POKWANG – The comedienne and certified Kakampink lectures bashers who are calling VP Leni Robredo “lutang, lugaw, and bob*”. Pokwang alluded to those who criticize her presidential candidacy. The comedian shared Robredo’s video message on Instagram, urging his supporters not to resign. In her caption, … Read more

LOOK: Sharon Cuneta Shows Off Throwback Photos Wearing Bikini

Sharon Cuneta shared on her Instagram account her throwback photos which showcased her two-piece bikini Megastar Sharon Cuneta shared throwback photos once again on her Instagram account. Those were not just any ordinary throwback pictures of the Megastar because in those photos she was wearing two-piece bikini. According to the actress, those were taken back … Read more