Grace Lee Finally Speaks Up About Relationship With PNoy Before


Grace Lee finally breaks her silence regarding her past relationship with former President Noynoy Aquino.

Korean DJ and TV personality Grace Lee finally speaks up about her past relationship with former President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III who was linked to her before.

It can be recalled that it was revealed back in the year 2012 that Grace and PNoy were dating each other. That was the time when the latter was serving as the Chief Executive of the Philippines.

Based on the article published in PEP, during an interview, the DJ revealed her side regarding what happened to her and PNoy.

Grace Lee
(Photo source: PUSH)

“We went on dates for about four months,” Grace Lee opened up.

On the other hand, she clarified that they did not reach to the point that they can tagged their relationship as “officially dating”.

Despite of that, according to the TV personality, she and PNoy had “something”.

She said that in the Philippines their relationship was labeled as “dating stage”.

“If the two are interested in each other, then you can go out for dinner together,” she explained.

Aside from that details regarding her past flame with the former President, Grace Lee also exposed the reason why it did not last.

Noynoy Aquino
(Photo source: CNN Philippines)

When their “getting to know stage” came to the knowledge of the public, people started to talk about them and they just stopped dating each other.

However, Grace admitted that she and PNoy are still communicating with each other until now.

“I still keep in contact with him. We just ask how we’re doing,” she revealed.

Grace also shared what are the good traits that he saw from the former Chief Executive.

She said that PNoy is very smart and a good person as she based it from the times that they were talking to each other.

When asked if she is open to dating PNoy again, the DJ said, “You never know what can happen but our ‘something’ just ended there.”

She added that she is comfortable talking about it now because it already happened a long time ago, based on the source.



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