Kris Aquino ‘s Press Statement About The Person Who Betrayed Her

Kris Aquino shares press statement regarding the person who betrayed her

Queen of all Media Kris Aquino shared her press release on Instagram regarding the person who betrayed her.

Kris revealed on a previous post that she lost weight because of the problem she encountered involving someone’s betrayal against her.

Kris Aquino
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The social media influencer did not reveal who is the person who caused her so much pain that her health was compromised.

On her post last September 28, Kris Aquino shared the official statement from her lawyers.

In the press statement, she has specific orders to her legal team to do every possible way to ensure that the person who betrayed her will pay.

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It was also stated their she needed to go to Singapore for her medical condition. After her medication is complete, she will be back to fulfill her pending engagements.

Together with the press statement is a lengthy caption from the social media influencer.

According to Kris, she is thankful for all the people who showed support to her during this difficult time.

She also stated that this betrayal also caused pain to her sons, Josh and Bimby.

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The Queen of all Media also condemned the person or persons who caused this trouble in their lives.

She is also looking forward that her medical condition will get better though she chose not to divulge the details.

Kris Aquino also shared that she needed to disable the comment option on her post because her attorney advised him.

This is for precautionary measure not to mention any names on her feed.

At the end, the social media influencer still rises as a mother to her sons.

“I shall courageously give my ALL for kuya josh & bimb to be assured that the only parent present in their lives, can & will continue to love, care, and provide for them for many healthier & happier years to come.”

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