Kris Aquino Is Getting Ready For Her TV Comeback?

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Is this a hint that Kris Aquino will have her TV comeback soon? Queen of all Media Kris Aquino appeared to be hinting her TV comeback on her recent Instagram post. Kris has long been out of the mainstream media but she is known as the queen of talk and star of endorsement during the … Read more

Kris Aquino Fans Bashed Ai-Ai Delas Alas For Posting About Forgiveness

Kris Aquino fans bashed Ai-Ai delas Alas Fans of Queen of all Media Kris Aquino bashed Comedy Concert Queen Ai-Ai delas Alas for her post regarding forgiveness. Kris and Ai-Ai are known to be close friends before a conflict came between them. They used to call each other as “friendship”. Based on a previous report … Read more

Kris Aquino ‘s Press Statement About The Person Who Betrayed Her

Kris Aquino shares press statement regarding the person who betrayed her Queen of all Media Kris Aquino shared her press release on Instagram regarding the person who betrayed her. Kris revealed on a previous post that she lost weight because of the problem she encountered involving someone’s betrayal against her. The social media influencer did not … Read more

Kris Aquino Still Hopes To Have Lifetime Partner But Not Herbert Bautista

Kris Aquino admitted that she still hopes to have a lifetime partner but cleared out that it is not her former boyfriend Herbert Bautista. Queen of all Media Kris Aquino admitted that she is still hoping to settle down someday. Her lovelife is one of the colorful topics in show business since she is an … Read more

Kris Aquino Flew Back Home From Indonesia ASAP Due To This Emergency

Kris Aquino flew back home from Indonesia as soon as possible because of this medical emergency she encountered while shooting for an endorsement. Queen of all Media Kris Aquino needed to fly back to the Philippines from Indonesia as soon as possible because of her medical emergency. It was mentioned in a previous that Kris … Read more

Kris Aquino Asks Indonesian Herbal Medical Company CEO: “Please adopt me?”

Kris Aquino shared that she asked the CEO of Indonesian herbal medical company to adopt her and the answer is surprising. Queen of all Media Kris Aquino shared on her Instagram account her recent trip to Indonesia where she met SidoMuncul Owner & CEO, Mr. Irwan Hidayat. She showed a video as she walked at a … Read more

Kris Aquino Accused Of Having “Pagnanasa” To Alden Richards

A netizen who pretended to be a fan of Alden Ricahrds accused Kris Aquino of having “pagnanasa” to him Queen of all Media Kris Aquino is very vocal of her admiration to Kapuso Pambansang Bae Alden Richards but a netizen accused her of having “pagnanasa” to him. She previously expressed how she likes the young … Read more

Claudine Barretto Allegedly “Nakisawsaw” When She Posted Message For Kris Aquino

Claudine Barretto allegedly “nakisawsaw” when she posted message on Instagram to show support to Kris Aquino instead of sending her private message. There were allegation that came out against Claudine Barretto when she posted a message for Kris Aquino on Instagram. In the midst of various intrigues surrounding the comeback movie of Kris, ‘I Love … Read more

Kris Aquino Is Prohibited To Do This By Korea-Based Company She’s Endorsing

The new endorsement of Queen of all Media Kris Aquino from a Korea-based appliance company prohibits her to do this certain thing. Aside from the ‘Queen of all Media’ tag, Kris Aquino is also known for being a queen of endorsements. She has been endorsing various kinds of products such as food and beverages, cosmetics … Read more

Kris Aquino Relates Recent Accident To Experience Of Letting Herself Fall

Kris Aquino related her recent accident to her past experience of letting herself fall based on her Instagram post. Queen of all media Kris Aquino recently shared on her Instagram account that she had an accident when her footwear got caught in the second to the last step of their stair at home. That happened … Read more