Vice Ganda’s Fans Allegedly Got Angry At Calvin Abueva Due To This


This is the alleged reason why fans of Vice Ganda got angry at Calvin Abueva

Fans of It’s Showtime host Vice Ganda allegedly got angry at his rumored boyfriend Calvin Abueva because of this reason.

Vice and Calvin are gaining much attention on social media as their sweet photos together surfaced on the internet.

Calvin Abueva Vice Ganda
(Photo source: ABS-CBN)

Many speculated that they are already in a relationship with each other. However, both of them clarified that they are just close friends.

Although Vice and Calvin reiterated their friendship, there are several fans of the comedian-host who are still linking them romantically.

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Some even expressed that they are happy for Vice whatever he has with Calvin.

On the other hand, a report from Abante stated that some fans got angry with Calvin Abueva because of what he posted on his Instagram story.

Calvin Abueva
(Photo source: @calvin.abueva.9465)

It was said that the basketball player posted a video with superzoom and bounce effect of a girl in a bar.

What caught the attention of netizens was it was focused on the behind of the girl.

According to Instagram users, apparently, the girl is not related to Calvin and it seemed that they are not even friends.

As he is now being linked to Vice Ganda in a romantic way, fans, reportedly, did not like what he did. There were even those who are saying that their relationship now is more than just friends.

Vice Ganda
(Photo source: @praybeytbenjamin IG)
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And because of the video which Calvin posted, it was said that Vice’s fans felt a bit sad for him.

This is for the reason that the basketball player is obviously still attracted to women even though he is associated romantically now to the TV host.

However, though there were negative comments, there were also those who justified what Calvin did.

For some, it is but natural for men to still look at other women, based on the article.

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