Netizens Speak Out Against Cristy Fermin’s Derogatory Remarks on Vice Ganda, Addressing Lala Sotto and KSMP

Vice Ganda Cristy Fermin Issue

In the ongoing clash between Vice Ganda and Cristy Fermin, some netizens have observed potential violations in Cristy Fermin’s statements against Vice Ganda. This has prompted the attention of MTRCB Chair Lala Sotto and the KAPISANAN NG SOCIAL MEDIA SA PILIPINAS (KSMP). One netizen even labeled it as cyberbullying and discrimination towards the LGBTQ+ community. … Read more

Vice Ganda Announces His Unkabogable Performance Today in the Magpasikat Segment of It’s Showtime

Vice Ganda Magpasikat

In the “Magpasikat” segment, many talented groups showcase their skills and unique performances. There are dances, songs, magic tricks, and various creative presentations. The performances are full of color, joy, and inspiration for the viewers. So, let’s look forward to the surprises that the contestants will bring. “Magpasikat” is a special segment on “It’s Showtime” … Read more

Vice Ganda Expresses Anger and Frustration with Philippine Airlines Service

Vice Ganda On PAL Services

Recently, Vice Ganda expressed anger and frustration on his social media account regarding an unpleasant experience with Pal Airlines. In his post, he conveyed his concerns about the inconvenience and troubles he encountered during his trip, which was supposed to bring joy. In his statements, Vice Ganda questioned the challenges faced by the passengers of … Read more

Vice Ganda’s Surprise Performance: Singing Kamikazee ‘Narda’ in Sorsogon

Vice Ganda Sings Narda

Recently, the Kamikazee band became a hot topic in the news following a controversial incident in Sorsogon. This stemmed from a statement made by Sorsogon Governor Hamor, which gave rise to a deep-seated controversy. According to the Governor, the band members seemed to exhibit an “attitude” when they refused to have their pictures taken at … Read more

Vice Ganda Performs in Sorsogon Days After Gov. Edwin “Boboy” Hamor’s Public Announcement

Vice Ganda In Sorsogon

The events in Sorsogon became controversial after Governor Edwin “Boboy” Hamor ejected the popular band Kamikazee. This happened following the band’s refusal to take a photo at one of the main tourist attractions, the Blue Roses. Allegedly, it was due to the band’s attitude that Governor Hamor became angry and decided to evict them. What’s … Read more

Vice Ganda ‘May Nakakatawang Kwentong Paa’

Vice Ganda

In the world of showbiz, one of the names that has ignited and continues to ignite the hearts of people is none other than Vice Ganda. He is known not only for his excellence in making people laugh but also for his innate intelligence and ability to think on his feet. He frequently takes center … Read more