Catriona Gray At 13 Already Had Idea She’ll Be Crowned Miss Universe


At the age of 13, Catriona Gray already had an idea that she will be crowned as Miss Universe

Filipina beauty queen Catriona Gray already had an idea that she will be crowned as Miss Universe back when she was just 13 years old.

The recently-concluded Miss Universe 2018 left Filipinos in awe as Catriona as hailed as this year’s queen. 

Indeed, she did a great job in making her fellow Filipinos proud. 

Catriona Gray Miss Universe 2018
Photo source: IG

After the coronation night, ABS-CBN reporter Dyan Castillejo had the chance to talk with the Catriona.

The reporter said that she was with the beauty queen’s mom at the audience, the latter said that she saw her mom crying.

“I’ve seen my mom and dad already. My mom was in tears and she told me, ‘I dreamed you would do this,” she shared.

Catriona Gray preparation for Q & A
Photo source: @universalpageants IG

During the interview, Catriona revealed that she already had an idea that she will be a Miss Universe someday when she was young.

The Bicolana beauty said that her mom is a pageant fan, particularly of Miss Universe. 

Catriona Gray shared that her mom told her when she was just 13 years old that she had a dream. 

Catriona Gray
(Photo source: @catriona_gray IG)

Her mom’s dream was about her winning the Miss Universe crown in a red dress. 

“Because I don’t know if everyone knows, back when I was 13 years old, my mom used to watch Miss Universe all the time and then she said, ‘I had a dream that you won Miss Universe in a red dress,’” Catriona said.

And now, that she was hailed as Miss Universe 2018, her mom’s dream was fulfilled. 

After the coronation, her mom is not the only person who is happy for her but all Filipinos, as well as the people around the globe who believed she will be crowned.

Watch the interview.


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