Kris Aquino-Nicko Falcis Issue: Gretchen Barretto Is Proving Something?


Gretchen Barretto wants to prove something in Kris Aquino-Nicko Falcis issue?

Gretchen Barretto appears to be proving something in the issue between Kris Aquino and Nicko Falcis.

The Queen of all Media is in the center of social media topics once again with her conflict against her former business partner and financial manager.

Kris Aquino Gretchen Barretto Nicko Falcis
Photo source: LionhearTV

Kris accused Nicko of stealing money from her and the latter defended that the money was spent for official transactions.

Amid the cases filed against him, Nicko stated that he received death threats from Kris.

Recently, a recorded conversation in which the threat was made circulated on social media.

Gretchen Barretto post
Photo source: FP

The name of Gretchen Barretto was dragged to this issue when she shared on her Instagram account an article about Nicko’s revelations about Kris’ threat.

Kris Aquino’s financial manager thanked La Greta for supporting him.

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Previously, entertainment columnist Lolit Solis reacted to this issue as she took the side of the Queen of all Media.

La Greta’s involvement in this issue did not stop there. She also shared the viral recorded conversation on her IG account. Apparently, her support for Nicko continues.

It appeared that the former actress is supporting Nicko all the way in his fight against Kris.

In the midst of this conflict, the question now is “why Gretchen took the side of Nicko?”

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Based on entertainment columnist Alex Brosas’ article in Bandera, the former actress does not know Nicko personally. So, what good it is for her to defend him?

It is also a known fact that there had been no issues between Gretchen and Kris in the past.

Brosas said in his article that La Greta appeared to be genuine of her intention to take the side of Nicko.

Does Gretchen Barretto want to prove something?

What can you say about this?

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  1. Tama na yan bashing nyo at each other. MR. FALCIS bayaran mo nalang ang 40million kinuha mo kay KRIS AQUINO. AND YAN PUT******** KABIT ng bayan WAG NA MAKISAWSAW yawa a ka.


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