Awkward! Lea Salonga Wrongly Introduced By UK Newscaster


Lea Salonga experienced an awkward moment in the UK show

Broadway star Lea Salonga was wrongly introduced by a UK newscaster and here is what happened during the awkward moment.

Lea is one of the luckiest female artists who are able to penetrate the international stage when it comes to theater acting. She also had the chance to sing for Disney’s princesses Mulan and Jasmine. Her journey to stardom, indeed, inspired other artists to pursue their dreams in the global scene.

Lea Salonga

With her popularity in the industry of theater internationally, it is normal for her to guest in different shows abroad.

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Here latest latest guesting was on a show in United Kingdom called Sunrise. This is hosted by Stephen Dixon and Gillian Joseph.

The male newscaster was the one who introduced Lea Salonga. However, he mistakenly introduced her as Anne Hughes.

screenshot from @AlBabe06 Twitter video

Based on the report from Philippine Entertainment Portal, Stephen said: “Now would you be prepared to give up flying for a whole year to help the planet. Well, the flight free campaign wants us to do just that. It wants 100,000 people to promise to give up flying for 2020. One of those asking us to do that, is doing it herself, is environmental campaigner Anna Hughes.”

This left the Pinay singer-actress wondering. She interrupted the host.

“Okay, I am not Anna Hughes, I’m sorry I don’t know what is going on. No, I’m not Anna Hughes, sorry about that,” the singer-actress said.

lea salonga
screenshot from @AlBabe06 Twitter video

Stephen saved the awkward moment by asking the Broadway diva if she is Lea Salonga. She asked the male host if he wants to continue the interview or pause for a break

The newscaster said, “What we are going to do Lea, is go to a break, I do apologise, we will head to a break and sort this out.”

Meanwhile, Gillian who appeared not knowing what to do in the middle of the awkward moment just covered her face.

Watch the video.

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