Barretto Sisters Feud: Reason Behind Is Just One Man?


How true is it that the reason behind the Barretto sisters feud is just a man?

The Barretto sisters feud, allegedly, started and became a huge issue and controversy, involving other personalities, because of just one man.

Once again, the Barretto family is gaining the attention of the online community and the showbiz enthusiasts because of the recent issue that happened during the wake of their patriarch Miguel Barretto. Allegedly, Marjorie Barretto did not like the presence of her older sister Gretchen Barretto during the wake. It is known to many that the sisters have a longstanding feud.

barretto sisters feud
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According to some reports, there was a commotion that happened, as claimed by the camp of Greta and the youngest among the Barretto sisters, Claudine. However, Marjorie denied this. With this, several netizens and showbiz enthusiasts are wondering what is the start of this conflict. Entertainment columnist Cristy Fermin had a conclusion regarding this in her recent article in Bandera.

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Fermin said that one man is behind this conflict – businessman Atong Ang, who is known to be Greta’s close friend. Nicole Barretto, the daughter of JJ Barretto, claimed that her aunt Gretchen stole her boyfriend, referring to Atong. However, the former actress fired back and said that her niece, who took the side of Marjorie, was the one who stole Atong from her younger sister Claudine.

Aside from this, Greta pointed out that the mother of Nicole was the one who seemed to offer her daughter to the said wealthy businessman. “Nakakabigla ang mga ganitong rebelasyon. Isang lalaki lang pala ang ugat ng kanilang away,” Fermin said in her article.

What can you say about this?

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