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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Jackie Forster Elicits Bashing Due To Her Support For Marjorie Barretto

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Jackie Forster showed support for Marjorie Barretto and she got bashed because of this

Former actress Jackie Forster received bashing from several netizens after she showed her support for her fellow former actress Marjorie Barretto.

jackie forster
Photo courtesy of @jackie_forster IG

Many people are getting involved in the family feud of Barrettos. Jackie, as one of Marjorie’s friends, also expressed a piece of her mind about the issue. When Marj posted on her Instagram account about the “revelation” that she was going to do and asked prayers for it, Jackie commented with, “sending prayers of the light and Love your way @marjbarretto exhale the negativity (two hearts emoji).”

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Based on the article from PEP, Jackie received bashing because of that comment. A netizen said that the negativity is coming directly from Marjorie. However, Jackie defended her friend.

marjorie barretto
Photo courtesy of @marjbarretto IG

She also addressed a negative comment from a netizen who already deleted the comment and the Instagram account. The former actress told the netizen, “Be careful on things you wish for and laugh about with other people and their misery because one day you will feel pain too and it will hit you in folds.”

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jackie forster comment
via PEP

A week after that, the bashing continues and Jackie Forster expressed on her recent Instagram post that she will block the bashers. “Protect your peace from those who are committed to misunderstanding you,” she shared. Her post was addressed to those who are bashing her without understanding her side of the story. She stressed out that she does not like arguments but open discussion is fine.

via PEP

The former actress also pointed out the nasty direct messages she received attacking her children. “I wish everybody well, I don’t understand that while I am trying to uplift others, people are wishing me ill and even going so low as to Dm nasty things to my children,” she said.

She also said that she will not allow the demons to enter her life through social media. Here is the post of Jackie Forster.

View this post on Instagram

I do not encourage fights on my page, I don’t like when people argue instead of having open discussions. People always want to take things out of context and read what I say as if I’m mad or angry. If you really knew me, you would know that I try to be patient and understanding. I try my best to understand why someone is the way they are and what they could possibly be going through for them to behave the way they do. But from now on instead of me explaining further to those who CHOOSE to MISUNDERSTAND me I will just 🚫 Block you and ⛔️ Those Who Like The Negative Comments as Well. Now for the future if you have been blocked and there is anything I am involved in that you might benefit from, maybe try a different avenue and apologize first before asking or receiving anything from me. But while you are in a negative state/space you are not welcome on my page. I have many women (a few men) following me that don’t have 💯 same opinions on things but most of them are respectful when they are on here. For the ones who have been following for some time I’m sure you have seen me post that – We can all agree to disagree on things but the foundation of what we stand for and why we do what we do will always be Constant. I wish everybody well, I don’t understand that while I am trying to uplift others, people are wishing me ill and even going so low as to Dm nasty things to my children. The internet is filled with people possessed by all sorts of demons, so I refuse to allow them into my life through social media. Sending love and light to you all ❤️ God bless the intentions of your heart 🙏🏼

A post shared by Jackie Forster (@jackie_forster) on

What can you say about this?

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