Sharon Cuneta Shares Judy Ann Santos Saves Her Day, Here’s Why


Judy Ann Santos saved the day of Sharon Cuneta

Megastar Sharon Cuneta said that Starla actress Judy Ann Santos saved her day and she shared the story about this on her Instagram account.

Sharon and Juday are two of the most talented actresses in their respective generations. Aside from sharing the same passion for acting, they also share friendship with each other for several years now. Just recently, the Megastar shared a story about their friendship on her IG account. She even said that the younger actress “saved the day”.

Sharon Cuneta judy ann santos
Photo courtesy of Star Cinema

Mega shared that she was texting with Juday. “Was texting with Juday earlier. And once again, JUDY ANN SAVES THE DAY! What a sister. Family isn’t always BLOOD,” she said. According to Sharon, the Starla star made her smile, lightened her burden, made her feel loved and important.

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For the wife of Senator Francis Pangilinan, the wife of Ryan Agoncillo is a blessing. “God has blessed me with this woman, and I will forever be grateful to Him for her!” Sharon Cuneta said. However, the actress did not elaborate on the details of what happened. “I love you, sis ko! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH AGAIN!” she said to Juday.

Apparently, their conversation prompted the Megastar to pray every night. “O, start na ako tonight mag-pray sabay tayo ha araw-araw until!!!” she said without completing the sentence.

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This received a comment from the teleserye actress. “Ay gagawin ko syang novena ate! For now.. we play the game. until sagutin ni lord ang prayers natin. goodnight my ate.. love you forever!” Judy Ann Santos said.

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