CHUCK PEREZ: What Happened To The 90s Action Movie Star?


What happened to former action movie star Chuck Perez?

Here is the life now of former action movie star Chuck Perez, who gained popularity during the 1990s, after he left the showbiz industry.

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Aside from daring films, action movies also became a trend during the 90s. That was the time when action stars arose such as Robin Padilla, Raymart Santiago, Jeric Raval, and many more. These actors were known not just because they were handsome but also because they exuded that manly image onscreen.

When that era passed, some action movie stars ventured into different fields while some remained in show business. One of those who ended their showbiz career is Chuck Perez.

He did the movies Ang Pumatay ng Dahil Sa Iyo (1989), Kapag Wala ng Batas (1990), and Codename: Bomba (1998). According to the article from SPOT, Chuck did not look like an action star but a playboy uncle.

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His career in show business was active from 1988-2000. After that, he seemed to disappeared leaving no trace at all. Because of his absence, he became a victim of a death hoax.

However, speculations about his death are not true. Even his Wikipedia entry stating that he died on October 1, 2000, is untrue. It was also speculated that he died because of a motorcycle accident. Based on the article from PEP, Chuck was last spotted having a reunion with his “kabalen” Edgar Mande in San Francisco, California last April 15, 2019.

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Chuck turned 55 last November which also disproved his age in his Wikipedia entry. However, the former action star gained weight and his physical appearance is far from his looks during the 90s. Based on the article, he is now working in a US company that distributes medical equipment.

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